Software Developer, Full Stack
Pilloxa | Remote, 4h overlap with Stockholm (CET) during workday
Posted Jun 2, 2021

About Pilloxa

Pilloxa is on a mission to improve patients' adherence to their treatment. Non-adherence to one's treatment plan is all too common. It is estimated to be the root cause of every 10th hospitalization and 8 deaths daily, in Sweden alone. Adherence to treatment is hard, and at Pilloxa we have set our minds to making it easier.

Pilloxa is a medtech company based in Stockholm, Sweden working with the latest technologies in an effort to improve the patient journey and quality of life for patients. We work together with patients, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies in bringing together all actors that have an impact on patients' treatment.


You'll be an integral part of our small and flat team, working closely with the product and building a first-class user experience. The app is the centerpiece of Pilloxa's service and this is where you'll likely spend most of your time hacking in ClojureScript. As we grow you'll also likely be extending our still small Clojure backend and dabble with all parts of the stack.

Preferred experience

The more boxes you tick, the better.

  • Passion for making a positive impact in peoples' lives
  • 2+ years full-stack engineer
  • MSc in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Experience with Clojure
  • Experience with React Native
  • Experience with reagent/re-frame
  • Startup experience


  • Call with CTO
  • Call with Co-founder
  • Technical assignment (max 8h)
  • Presentation of assignment
  • Call with CEO
  • Reference calls

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