Full-stack developer in Berlin
Red Pineapple Media GmbH | Berlin | Remote
High-impact boutique ad network + ad format developer based in Berlin
Posted Mar 3, 2021

Full-stack developer position in Berlin

Red Pineapple Media distributes video advertising to more than 50 markets.
We've been growing consistently since we started 8 years ago, and have some big plans ahead :-)

We're looking for full-stack software developers with an interest in one or more of:
Clojure(Script), JavaScript, and DevOps.

Our development team is built around a strong culture of teamwork and open communication: code reviews, group learning/discussion sessions, and group decisions. We care deeply about continual improvement, and enabling team members to influence our evolving standards and practices. And sometimes there's cake!

What we offer

  • Get things done: we favour small teams, low bureaucracy, lots of freedom;
  • Be directly involved in helping identify business and product opportunities;
  • Build things that actually get used: by our internal teams, and by millions of users around the world;
  • A safe haven for functional programmers, and developers that care about the quality of their code, documentation, process, and communication;
  • Flexible hours with support for part-time remote (full-time during pandemic);
  • A friendly office environment, plus quiet rooms;
  • Work visa and assistance for folks outside Germany;

What we're looking for

  • You have worked with Clojure, ClojureScript, or other functional programming languages (and/or you're interested in learning Clojure!);
  • Your studies were in computer science, mathematics, engineering or a related area;
  • Alternatively: you have an awesome GitHub profile to show off :-)
  • You have a strong sense of ownership and responsibility;
  • You enjoy working independently, clearly defining problems, and objectively evaluating tradeoffs of potential solutions;
  • You're naturally motivated and proud of doing great work;
  • You believe that clear communication (including documentation and Git history) are a key part of good software development;
  • Your thought process is guided by rationalism and evidence rather than gut feeling or tradition;
  • You enjoy diversity (including differences of opinion), and have a humble attitude when engaging in discussions;
  • You sincerely welcome constructive criticism, and communicate with regard for the feelings of others;

Apply for this position

Write us at join@redpineapplemedia.com with your resume/CV/GitHub/references!