Clojure Engineer
StatsBomb | Remote in the UK, or Cairo, Egypt
StatsBomb are football analytics experts, working with the world's biggest clubs
Posted Oct 5, 2020

StatsBomb is a football analytics startup (both the soccer and American varieties!) We sell data products as well as analysis tools to sports organisations, with a tech stack that includes computer vision, machine learning, stream processing, and web-based dataviz. We count many of the biggest names in football as customers, and your work will have a direct impact on our ability to deliver insights to those customers, driving success on the field.

We're hiring Clojure developers of all levels of experience to support our back end data processing pipelines, as well as ClojureScript web apps. Our current tech stack includes:

  • Integrant-based server side apps in Clojure
  • Parsing and validation of API outputs with Spec
  • Jackdaw for stream processing on Kafka
  • ClojureScript front-ends with re-frame
  • Postgres databases with hundreds of millions of interesting events

We're looking for people to join teams working on any or all aspects of this stack, as well as more senior engineers who are able to:

  • Mentor junior team members
  • Demonstrate and evangelise best practices in Clojure and beyond
  • Cross-train programmers with JavaScript & React experience
  • Keep an eye on new ideas and libraries in the Clojure ecosystem

Our teams also work in JavaScript and Node.js, Python for machine learning, and SQL and R for ad-hoc analysis, so knowledge or at least tolerance of those technologies would be a plus.

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