Senior Software Engineer | ClojureScript
Highly Composite | US
We make managing data for application testing way easier.
Posted Jul 22, 2020

Our Favorite Virtues

  • Kindness
  • Intelligence
  • Strength

Your Work

You'll be in charge of the front half of the web app. You'll write ClojureScript that drives the user experience. For the visual components, you'll use off-the-shelf solutions until we grow into having a designer. You'll also write Clojure for the API layer of the backend of the application. The first project will be rewriting the MVP, which was made with Django.

The Team

You'll be working with Travis Jungroth, the founder, and a Senior Software Engineer focused on the backend (to be hired). Super tiny company, super early!

Required Experience

  • 4+ years professional software engineering
  • 1+ year ClojureScript, or professional JavaScript experience and an interest in ClojureScript

Other Requirements

  • US timezone work schedule
  • US work authorization
  • Fluent English

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