Senior Product Engineer
Vodori | Chicago || Open to remote
Posted Apr 24, 2020

Vodori is looking for a Senior Product Engineer to help us deliver innovative next-generation capabilities using modern enterprise product architecture and design. We empower life sciences companies to transform lives by helping them bring regulated products to market faster. Pepper Flow accelerates the review and approval of marketing and sales collateral -- a critical step toward getting life saving therapies into the market. Our product suite, Pepper Cloud, is a digital content platform that facilitates the entire content review, approval, and distribution of commercial materials.

We're looking for a polyglot with 4+ years of software development experience who's comfortable working across the entire stack and has experience in secure, multi-tenant, multi-tier, distributed systems. Pepper is primarily composed of Clojure, JavaScript, Angular, and Java. Ideally, you have an interest in DevOps, particularly using Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS.

You should have a knack for breaking down complex systems or processes into simple components and know that keeping things simple is hard work but pays dividends. If you've seen a product through from conception to success (or failure) and can articulate the right and wrong turns made along the way, even better.

Curiosity and an insatiable appetite for learning and innovating is important as is having a strong desire to understand our customers and the problems we solve.

We value engineers who have a reputation for asking the hard questions around failures and security. What happens if this remote call fails? Why can we trust that source? What happens if the wrong person gets access to that server?

We're hard-working, we share a deep commitment to our customers and to one another, and we deliver iteratively through Agile sprints. Each member of the product team makes a significant impact in product architecture, design, and future direction. We believe in a supportive environment in which to innovate, learn new technologies, and share your knowledge with others.

In 3 months, you will...

  • Understand the product architecture and be able to explain the components and overall design
  • Complete sprint stories as an active developer with support from the team
  • Use a combination of self-study and hands-on training you will learn any languages or frameworks which you don't have experience with.


In 6 months, you will...

  • Be comfortable working on the product infrastructure stack (Docker, Kubernetes, AWS) and demonstrate the ability to stand up new nodes and configure/execute deployments
  • Participate in solution design meetings with our designers, business analysts, and engineering teams.
  • Join the product engineering team in a support rotation plan which ensures the system is meeting our stated SLAs.


In 12 months, you will...

  • Help our teams look for innovative ways to solve existing and new problems through opportunity identification and suggestions for ways to capitalize on these innovative ideas.

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