Senior Developer - Clojure / AI / NLP
All Street | London, UK
An AI research assistant on every analyst's desktop for better, faster research.
Posted Sep 21, 2018



AllStreet is a new fintech company based in London, using Clojure and Clojurescript to create tools for financial analysts. We are developing AI-based automation tools to provide the equivalent of a research assistant at every analyst's desktop.

We are growing the number of developers in London, and are looking for people with Clojure and Clojurescript development skills. The ideal candidate will have been using Clojure commercially, although we will consider others with less Clojure experience, if you have other strong functional programming skills, and other significant skills, relevant to our wider technology stack and domain of interest.

Experience of any of the following would be an asset::






Natural Language Processing

Semantic Analysis of Text

Concept Extraction

Natural Language Generation

Machine Learning

Behavioural Analytics

Content Production Systems

Document Formatting

The Job

We are looking to hire a Senior Developer to work in our London office, and work within a small team of engineers. We have a vibrant, productive working environment. We apply agile principles to our product development, and have adopted a Scrum-based methodology, with a view to delivering user-centric software which is iterated quickly to provide continuously increasing value to our customers.

The work is highly collaborative in nature, so the environment requires a high level of interpersonal trust and confident communication between team members.

While the core product is a web-based system written in Clojure, you will be exposed to advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques, including a state-of-the-art semantic analysis engine, being developed in C#.

The ideal candidate, will be deployment focused, with a high degree of curiosity, and with the ability to solve challenging problems and ask thoughtful questions, while designing and delivering simple and elegant solutions using functional programming.

You must be able to envision a variety of solutions and to clearly articulate them to colleagues, including non-technical stakeholders, and explain the trade-offs involved in choosing between options.

You must love working with others and sharing knowledge, to get the best result for the end-user and ultimately for the business.


Ideally, the successful candidate will have:

  • At least five years experience of delivering software in a commercial environment
  • Demonstrable commercial experience of functional programming
  • Familiarity with Scrum
  • Familiarity with Continuous Deployment
  • Interest in natural language processing and machine learning


We are located in the City of London, where many of our target customers are based. This is also adjacent to Shoreditch and Silicon Roundabout, the home of Google's Campus London and Microsoft Reactor, which make it a vibrant area, full of like-minded developers and entrepreneurs.

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