Software Engineer (Clojure)
English Language iTutoring Ltd | Bristol, UK
We help students improve their English through practice and feedback
Posted Jan 22, 2018

We apply Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to help students around the world learn English as a foreign language. Our first product is Write & Improve:

We're working right now on our next product, Speak & Improve (and you won't be surprised to hear that both Read & Improve and Listen & Improve are on the plan too).

We're a full-stack Clojure development house, using ClojureScript (React/reagent/re-frame) on the front-end. We're proud of the fact that we do things the right way, with extensive automated testing, continuous integration, code reviews, and fully automated deployment.

We're looking for two or three web developers (full-stack, front-end, or back-end) to join our Bristol-based team. Although Clojure experience would be a plus, we're happy to talk to you if you already have other relevant experience and a desire to learn Clojure.

We value autonomy, mastery and purpose. You will have the freedom to gravitate towards the product and technology areas that most interest you, and the opportunity to develop your skills. You will create products that improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world, who want to improve their proficiency in the English language.

Desirable experience:

  • 2+ years developing web applications (full-stack, front-end, or back-end)
  • Clojure/ClojureScript, or some other functional programming language
  • React
  • Automated testing
  • Automated deployment
  • DevOps
  • Amazon AWS
  • MySQL
  • CSS/Sass

We offer a flexible working environment with the ability to vary your hours to fit around your personal commitments and work from home when appropriate. We are not, however, looking for remote applicants - you will need to be located within commuting distance of Bristol.

We are eager to attract a diverse pool of applicants and committed to choosing the best.

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