API Developer
UpLift, Inc. | Sunnyvale, CA
UpLift makes travel affordable through flexible payments.
Posted Nov 2, 2017

Key responsibilities

  • architect and implement RESTful API endpoints that are comprehensive and intuitive
  • design and implement expressive, easy-to-use, client-side API interfaces that run in the browser
  • design the sandbox environment for other developers to learn and test the APIs
  • develop coding examples and documentation on how to use the APIs
  • build and configure the infrastructure to deploy and monitor client and server APIs in AWS


  • have full-stack experience building web applications and APIs, both client and server
  • have built and scaled web applications on AWS infrastructure
  • can demonstrate expertise in designing and developing APIs
  • are very comfortable with AWS services
  • Proficient in functional programming (e.g., Clojure, Scheme, Scala, Haskell, or equivalent)
  • are reasonably good at ping pong (jk)

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