Lead Clojure Engineer
Spacious | New York
We provision high density urban real estate the way AWS provisions servers
Posted Oct 2, 2017

Spacious is looking for an experienced, enthusiastic Lead Clojure Engineer to join our team and lead us in building Clojure and Datomic backend services.

We'd like someone to help us build more sustainable processes around our infrastructure and in the long term, evaluate our options and build our future architecture and development patterns. There is room for improvement in how our small engineering team maintains and adds to a wide range of APIs and interfaces. We want to build automated, self-healing services that are highly available to our stakeholder, easy to deploy and add to, and let the entire team sleep well at night.

To see the whole post visit: https://jobs.lever.co/spacious/b0f65550-8a4a-40c8-8694-389d6b10dc16

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