Senior Software Engineer
Yet Analytics | Baltimore, MD
Posted Jun 13, 2017

Yet is looking for an experienced software engineer to help us build cutting-edge learning and experience analytics products. Candidates should have a solid background in enterprise-scale systems architecture/design and experience developing, deploying, running and maintaining non-trivial distributed systems in production.

Candidates would be responsible for designing and building high-availability, fault-tolerant event streaming systems to drive dashboards, real-time alerts, dynamic query systems, and other business processes.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 7+ Years' total software engineering experience.
  • 4+ Years' verified experience building distributed systems for production use.
  • 4+ Years' experience working in Java.
  • Deep knowledge of the Java build ecosystem, especially Maven.
  • Experience with recent Java versions (SE 7+).
  • Deep knowledge of software design (anti)patterns and the discretion to apply them appropriately.
  • Extensive knowledge of open-source tools/platforms/OSs (not just a single proprietary system).
  • Extensive experience with relational database systems and design, SQL concepts.
  • Some experience with non-relational database systems (key-value stores, other NoSQL).
  • Solid background in math/statistics and the ability to implement aggregate calculations across large, unbounded datasets.
  • Some experience with cloud platforms like AWS or Azure and associated devops concerns.
  • Some experience with event sourcing and related concepts.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's or advanced degree in CS/Mathematics or related field.
  • Experience with emerging persistent queue systems (ex. Kafka, Amazon Kinesis).
  • Project Management/Technical Leadership experience.
  • Experience with logic or constraint programming and rules engines.
  • Experience with a Lisp (Clojure, CL, Scheme).
  • Experience with functional languages (ex. Clojure, Haskell) or multi-paradigm languages like OCaml.
  • Experience developing applications for Government/Military use.
  • Comfortable with Emacs (if anyone is). For Java, an IDE is fine.
  • Deep knowledge of devops systems (ex. CI, CD etc).
  • Experience with time-series databases (RiakTS, Graphite)

Core Competencies:

  • Must enjoy writing software and working with others that feel the same way.
  • Curious and solution-oriented.
  • Good communication skills, can communicate effectively and respectfully.
  • Able to shift priorities to meet business needs.
  • Willing to innovate and take on greenfield projects.
  • Comfortable mentoring junior developers.

Technologies We Use (not all-inclusive):

  • Languages
  • Clojure(script)
  • Java
  • Shell
  • Databases
  • Datomic
  • PostgreSQL
  • Dynamo Paper DBs (Amazon DynamoDB, Riak)
  • Distributed + Data pipelines
  • Apache Zookeeper
  • Apache Kafka (Streams)
  • Apache Nifi
  • AWS DataPipeline
  • Web
  • Jetty
  • HAProxy
  • AWS Services:
  • S3
  • EC2
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • CloudFormation

About Yet Analytics

Dev Team:

Our current team of 4 full-stack developers works primarily in Clojure(+script). Experience in Clojure (or another Lisp) is not required, but candidates must be willing to learn on the job as required.

We follow a loose agile model and track work in pivotal, though employee performance is not assessed solely through tracked activity.

Work Environment/Culture:

Yet's office is relatively casual. We use an open layout to facilitate collaboration and communication, but also recognize the need for uninterrupted work time and provide space for this. We value teamwork and brainstorming, and use white boards to excess. We collaborate across teams on a regular basis, and use a daily morning all hands checkin to keep us all on the same page.

We value honesty and respect, and demand critical thinking and commitment to delivering high quality work on time from all our team members.

Who We Are:

We are a team of nerds.

We are artists, engineers, and explorers.

We believe in the power of technology to build the future we want to live in, and we work to make that reality, every day.

We call Baltimore home, and we care deeply about the future, our city, and what it means to be human in a world surrounded by technology.

We're dedicated to the design, build, and analysis of data at the highest levels. Because understanding your data is much more than just knowing that it's there. It's about being able to visualize and speak about it in a language that bridges the gap between humans and machines.

Awards: Excellence in Analytics, Best of E-Learning! Magazine 2016 :: Tech Startup of the Year, Baltimore Innovation Week 2016:: Nielsen Data Visionary Award, TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015

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