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Posted May 10, 2017


Red Pineapple Media distributes Video Advertising to more than 50 markets, and we're expanding at a constant rate since we started 5 years ago.

We’re now looking for a CTO to lead our Engineering team and guide it through the next stages of its growth, moving the company into the Programmatic space. As an ideal candidate, you must excel when working in the intersection of Management and Engineering, should have a strong personality and set a great example in everything you do. You should have a natural bias towards delegation, empowering your team and your communication skills and empathy should drive and inspire your team.


  • Background in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related area;
  • 7+ years as a Software Engineer;
  • 2+ years as an Engineering Manager or similar position, leading 5 or more Engineers;
  • Ability to jump onto the keyboard and lead by example, both in development and operations;
  • Experience with Distributed Systems, MicroServices Architectures, Continuous Delivery and highly automated environments;
  • Previous experience in the AdTech, FinTech or Gaming industry is highly desired but not mandatory;
  • Previous working experience with Functional Programming languages is also highly desired but not mandatory.


You'll be taking over the Engineering team with responsibilities on Development and Operations.

  • Ownership and accountability over the quality of the work produced by the Engineering team, as well as the operations of our servers and pipelines;
  • Responding to emergencies, analyzing root causes and working on preventing them;
  • Defining and maintaining a strategy for growing the Engineering team;
  • Managing the Engineering Roadmap and ensuring it can sustain Red Pineapple Media's business plans;
  • Researching and developing prototypes to pitch system and architectural changes;
  • Helping Engineers with their work evaluation, career development and personal development;
  • Managing costs for the Engineering Department, including people (new hires, raises), infrastructure and training (conferences, books, courses);
  • Helping define Product Roadmaps with the Business Development and Ad Operations teams, bringing to the table the Engineering team's own Technical Roadmap;
  • Setting up Engineering KPIs based on Business KPIs.


Never a dull moment. Besides writing code, we also do our own operations, testing, retrospectives, planning, architecture, peer-to-peer evaluation, coffee and cooking. It is probably the most exciting work you’ll have and super rewarding in terms of personal and professional experiences.

Small teams, lots of freedom

Every 3 months we organise in small teams around well-defined Business KPIs, and we have complete ownership over the approach and process we use to achieve them. This includes planning, work methodology, design, development and maintenance. As a CTO, you'll also lead the decision of when and how to tackle technical debt and the Engineering team is the sole owner of those decisions. Then, after 3 months, we reset the teams and choose a new challenge to work on.

Have a vision, inspire, lead

You’ll also have a great team to lead -- talented Engineers who love Functional Programming, with a strong bias for producing quality work. We have also open source contributors and conference and meetup speakers. The team was built around a strong sense of responsibility, ownership and transparency, and we’ve been able to capture really good talent by maintaining those high standards.

Friendly environment plus silence rooms

We regularly hold team breakfasts, cooking sessions and ping-pong matches. We’re animal friendly (1 dog owner, 2 vegetarians and a cat-loving CEO), so naturally dogs are welcome in our office. But we also optimise for focus moments. We have two silence rooms where you can do power-naps, meditate or just work in complete isolation. And whenever you want to work outside the office, you can. From home, a café or another country, we can make it happen, no reason needed.


Contact us at join@redpineapplemedia.com and tell us why you want to lead our Engineering Team. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


Red Pineapple Media is a passionate, dedicated team of content and marketing professionals connecting advertisers, publishers, and consumers all over the globe. We’re driven by one simple goal: deliver campaigns that mutually benefit the advertiser, publisher, and the consumer. It’s a strategy that has seen us successfully help over 300 advertisers increase their exposure and boost online media ROI in more than 56 markets – and counting.

You can learn more about us at https://redpineapplemedia.com.

The latest version of this job ad is permanently available from https://bit.ly/rpm_cto in PDF format.

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