Senior Software Engineer
Eden Health | New York, NY
We make it possible for a company to provide a private doctor for all employees
Posted May 5, 2017

We are hiring passionate software engineers who will help build two key pieces of our product:

1) Our mobile app that lets patients book appointments in less than a minute, text their care team for diagnoses/treatment plans, get new prescriptions and refills, etc.

2) Care management platform that automates and augments clinician workflows needed to provide comprehensive and transparent care to our patients.

This position will focus on all aspects of our system including mobile app, backend, and data pipeline.

As an Eden Health engineer, you will join a small team with big ambitions to build the future of primary care -- a statement that we do not take lightly. You will work closely with our doctors, nurses, patients, and the founding team to develop software products that have a direct impact on the health and happiness of our patients and their families. You will be a key contributor to the direction and architecture of not just the technology stack but also the product as a whole.

Ideal candidates have:
- 6+ years professional experience in developing robust web applications and/or APIs
- Experience with Clojure or other functional programming languages
- Experience implementing best-practice code quality and delivery measures
- Deeply held customer-centric approach to software development
- High standards for code quality
- Excellent communication and collaboration skills
- Obsessive attention to detail

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