Senior Engineer
Suiteness, Inc. | Oakland, CA
Suiteness is the only place to book luxury hotel suites online.
Posted Mar 16, 2017

Suiteness is looking for an experienced Clojure developer to join our small but passionate development team. Our ideal candidate is someone who geeks out over data storage and transformations, loves the functional paradigm, and wants to have a deep impact at a funded startup. Our team is small and individual contributions make a huge difference. This position reports to our co-founder and CTO Stephen Caudill.

We work both on B2C data-intensive applications and B2B service-level applications. We eat, sleep and breathe data and are always looking for new ways to gain insight based on it. Our upcoming efforts will involve everything from Machine Learning to Recommendation Engines to scaling massively trafficked Service Oriented Architectures. We believe strongly in small teams where being agile is still a verb.

We utilize pair programming at Suiteness for productivity and knowledge transfer. While we don't pair all the time, you'll need to be available for pairing on an ad hoc basis throughout your day. As a result, this position requires that you're available for an 8 hour day coinciding with US timezones (between Eastern, UTC -5 and Pacific, UTC -8). ‚Äč

Your Experience

  • Clojure with at least 1 year of code in production
  • Engineering/Development (at least 5 years)
  • Backend engineering for web applications
  • RESTful API implementation
  • Service Oriented Architecture implementation
  • Well-versed in automated testing methodologies

Bonus Points For

  • JVM tuning, JVM troubleshooting, other deep experience with the JVM
  • XML/SOAP API consumption and transformation
  • Experience scaling Distributed Systems
  • Deeply geeking out on data storage, access and the scaling thereof

About Our Hiring Process

We'll review your application to see that it meets our experience requirements. If we're interested, we'll schedule a phone interview or let you know that we're going to pass. After the phone interview, if we're still interested, you'll be given a programming task in Clojure to complete independently, to your own satisfaction and as time allows. Upon submission of your completed project, we'll reach out with feedback.

Successful candidates will be scheduled for a follow-up remote pairing session on their own machine, using their own tools, to extend the project alongside Suiteness developers. We will endeavor to help you succeed at this functionality extension and you are encouraged to use all your normal modes of development, Google is one of our most critical development tools. There are no wrong answers and the point of the exercise is to understand how you solve problems.

A successful candidate at this level will have interviews with the founders. At every step, we'll endeavor to be respectful of your time and life circumstances... let us know what we can do to make our process work for you.

About Suiteness

Suiteness is the only place to book luxury hotel suites online. We are a start-up located in Oakland California with team members in Denver and Austin. We started in 2012, we've raised our funding from great investors like Y Combinator, Structure Capital, and Bullpen Capital. We are on a great growth curve and are approaching profitability.

Suiteness is endeavoring to build a diverse and inclusive team. We want to work with the best, regardless of race, age, gender identity, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or physical appearance. We believe a varied set of backgrounds and experiences makes us stronger together.

Our Core Values

  • Open and honest communication - Everything we do is in the open, because we are a small team we all help each other.
  • Work life balance - We started Suiteness because we were also starting families and keeping those two in balance is near impossible at most companies.
  • Respect and assuming positive intent - Trust is given out quickly and taken back slowly. We all make mistakes and we want to foster an environment of solving problems without blame.
  • Humble craftspeople - We want to be the best at what we do, our focus is on doing the best work and learning more without ego.

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