Seeking Core Contributors (ClojureScript + React Native)
Status Holdings Pte. Ltd. | Anywhere || Singapore
We're building a mobile p2p web3 browser & messenger for the Ethereum blockchain
Posted Jan 7, 2017

We've just launched the first alpha of Status, a mobile web3 browser, messenger and gateway to a decentralised world of the Ethereum blockchain.

Status is built using re-natal + re-frame + cljs + golang and is completely open source.

We're looking to hire core contributors who are interested in Smart Contracts, Crypto-currencies and are fluent in Lisp-dialects, and can offer a competitive salary. Experience with ClojureScript and re-frame is ideal.

Yet another Messenger?
Actually no, Status is a decentralised, peer-to-peer app. Its communication protocol uses an Ethereum sub-protocol called SHH/Whisper (not to be confused with Signal) which is an identity-based encrypted messaging protocol with dark routing. You can learn more about it in this presentation.

We're building an agnostic platform; akin to an open source version of WeChat. Thanks to Ethereum, there's a whole new ecosystem of applications being developed that are completely decentralised, and Status aims to provide a user interface to access them. These applications remove the need for middlemen and centralised servers, providing a clear path forward towards an internet where users get to own their own data, and an economy built on open protocols.

What's that about a browser?
In Ethereum (and Status) - there is a concept called 'web3', files are stored using SWARM (a kademlia-like decentralised file storage solution) and 'server-side logic' is done using Smart Contracts and on the blockchain. This allows us to create trust-less, censorship resistant systems.

Still interested? Checkout our wiki or join our Slack, in #dev-status or PM either @jarradhope or @carl.

If you want to see out most serious bugs, check out our damage report blog post or the github issues.

You will be able to work remotely and salaries competitive. We have a great team of 7, looking forward to you joining us and finally (> pull-requests CVs) :)

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